Motorola GSM Cellular Handsets & Personal Communicators: R&TTE Declarations of Conformity

Your Motorola Product will be labeled with information required by the R&TTE Directive. The label will include the "Product Approval Number". The Type Class designators (for example MC2-41E) that you see in the TABLE below include all but the last two digits of your product's Product Approval Number

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You can open a Product's Declaration of Conformity by clicking on the PDF document:


Product Approval Number

Market Name

Declaration of Conformity

Declaration Date

Additional Customer Information

GSM QuadBand Handset with Edge, GPRS and Bluetooth MQ6-4411F11 VE66 Declaration of Conformity 13 Nov 2008 N/A
GSM QuadBand Handset with GPRS, Edge, WLAN and Bluetooth



Declaration of Conformity

13 Nov 2008