CE Marking

Motorola products intended for sale in the European Union (EU) member states, and other countries fully aligned with European standards and regulation (for example Turkey, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein).

The CE mark shows compliance with all applicable New approach Directives.

The CE mark and type name can be found on your product and packaging.

You may see several forms of CE mark depending on the age of the product, it's technical capabilities, and the product type. The CE mark itself will appear as below and be located either on the outside of the product (Typically on the back surface or bottom edge) or under the rear cover or battery if these are removable.


Type names are generally in the format of a M followed by 4 alphanumeric digits in the range 0-9 and A-F and will be in the same location as the CE mark, and on the packaging. For example:


Earlier products prior to 2010 may have a Type name in a different format, typically under the removable battery. For example: